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January 4, 2018

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Have You Been Bitten by the "F%*k It" Bug?

Have you noticed that you’ve been doing a lot of deep sighing lately? Are your eye muscles tired from all of the eye rolling that you’ve been doing unconsciously? Has your excitement slowly devolved into apathy? Maybe the “I don’t care’s” have shifted to “I can’t care’s”? You just may have gotten bitten by the “f%*k it” bug. So now what; do you just toss it aside with all of your other “meh’s”? No! You need to lean into that “f%*k it” and figure out what’s going on.


I know, I know...self-reflection isn’t always fun but neither is going to the dentist yet we continue to go every six months, right? Although the dentist isn’t fun, we do it because we want to keep our beautiful pearly whites as long as we can. The same idea applies to therapy and self-growth. So stop for a minute, and think about the last time that you: had that excitement in your veins, your eye muscles weren’t sore, and you weren’t sighing like you’d just burnt dinner again. When did the train jump it’s tracks and start heading toward Apathy-land?


My guess is that you’ve lost sight of your happiness and/or someone has tried to extinguish your inner flame. At the sake of sounding like a broken record, I’m going to go ahead and say it – that inner flame is yours and only yours. It’s when we’ve tried to dodge that water hose for the last time that the “f%*k it’s” take over and our “yeah’s” turn into “meh’s”. All is not lost, though! You can take back control and get your train back on the right path. That is, your path...not your parents’, your partner’s, your teachers’, or your boss’s. Your path.


As I talked about in a previous post (“Where Is My Happiness?”), it’s absolutely imperative that we each get back in touch with our core values and aspects of our lives that flood us with joy. Rekindle your relationship with yourself and truly sit down and look at that person staring back at you in the mirror. How has that person evolved over the years? Is that person genuinely ‘real’ or is she hiding behind a mask that others have asked her to wear? Is she surviving life based in fear or is she thriving in life surrounded by love?


The “f%*k it” bug doesn’t have to mean that something has to end, rather the bite is a signal that something needs to change. That change all starts with you and what you learn as you gaze into that mirror. You can reclaim your power and you will get back your happiness if and when you commit to embracing your true self. Slowly but surely, you’ll find that those “f%*k it’s” can morph into “bring it’s” as the love for yourself becomes unbreakable.


For more information on this or to set up a time to chit chat in person, feel free to reach out as I’ve done my fair share of fighting off the “f%*k it” bugs.

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