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Have you ever wondered what that icky feeling is in the pit of your stomach when you look in the mirror, think about your future or decisions that you made in the past, get ready to go on a first date, step on the scale, or show up to a family get-together?  That icky feeling is shame - a feeling that someone planted deep inside you and left you to feel:  less than, un-worthy, broken, and a problem to be fixed.  When left untreated, that monster continues to grow causing us to be ashamed - ashamed of who we are, ashamed of who and what we love, ashamed of those things that makes us happy, and ashamed of those things that make us who we are. 


What do we do with these feelings?  If we don't do anything, we often package these things up, tie a nice pretty bow on them, and stuff them way down deep...hoping that we'll never have to face them again.  Unfortunately this never seems to work out the way we planned.  Just as soon as we encounter another tough situation, all of these buried feelings claw their way out and explode out of us with a vengeance.  And so the cycle continues:  packaging, wrapping, and burying.   With every cycle, we build up another wall to try and keep us from experiencing this pain, leaving us feeling alone, sad, frustrated, and hopeless.  We try to hide ourselves away from the world, keeping our inner-most feelings inside and forcing ourselves to lock away our true and authentic self for fear that someone else will come along and knock us down again.  What would it be like, though, to end this vicious cycle and take off that heavy weight that holds us down day in and day out? 

I want you to hear me say, you are worthy!  You are not broken!  You are not a problem to be fixed!  You are unique and special!  Most importantly, you do deserve true happiness!

Combating this monster of shame has become one of the tenets of my work as well as one of the most important journeys that I've gone through.  Get in touch with me and let me help you work through this battle.  Together, we can tame this beast and remove those weights that are holding you down.