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LGBTQIA+ & Non-Binary Group

We all need to have a place where we can just be.  Sometimes it can be tough, though, to let that person on the inside feel comfortable being shown on the outside.  These groups provide a safe place for us all to be ourselves and to talk to others who may be experiencing some of the same things that we are.  None of us need to feel like we’re alone; we’re all on this same roller coaster together. These groups will offer a safe place for LGBTQ+ and gender nonconforming/nonbinary youth to meet, socialize, and learn.

Discussion topics vary by age and developmental stage, and will include:

  • Feeling good about being LGBTQ+ and non-binary 

  • Healthy relationships

  • Internet – what’s safe?

  • How do we identify ourselves?

  • Coming out – what now?

  • Identity and expression

  • STI’s and HIV

  • Shame and guilt

  • How to create our network of support

Although it can feel as though the world hasn't always given us a fair shake, we don't need to spend our energies apologizing for or rationalizing away those uniquenesses that make us who we are.  It's time that we take back our power and re-claim our voice in celebrating who we are as a community!  

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